Dike the Goddess of Mortal Justice and Dawn, Maternity Session.

One thing I quickly learned when I had my children was that I would be up at the crack of dawn for a very long time…if I ever actually got the chance to sleep at all! My three year old still wakes at dawn. The joys of motherhood!

It only felt apt to portray some form of this with a maternity photoshoot shot at dawn, based on the Greek Goddess who brought in dawn. Lets face it, who better could I have chosen as visual representation of dawn than a woman who is just about to embark on her own adventure of dawn with a newborn baby. Also, lets face it, any woman who grows a child in her body is a miracle really, and therefore shall be given Goddess status-by me atleast!

(Update, baby was born not long after, and is called Oliver, 6lb3!)

So we ventured off at 5am in the hunt of a field that I had shot this photo at in June.


We didn’t find the exact field, because if you’ve ever been to Lymm in Altrincham, you will realise that fields are everywhere, along with windy roads and we ended up getting lost…or maybe we found the field but it had been cut down…anyway, it looked great and sunrise was gearing up to peek its head out so we got started on shooting.

It was cold, my assistant dropped out last minute, so Kara had to throw her own fabric- not as fun as it sounds when you’re 36 weeks pregnant!

Anyway, we powered on, and got some great results! After the outdoors session, we went back to the home studio to complete some further images which we were unable to produce in the cold-like lying down shots and flowing hair.

The final images

Screen Shot 2019-01-09 at 14.17.35.png