Frequently Asked Questions by Parents just like you

When should I book?

I always advise expecting parents to book their photoshoot straight after their 20 week scan. Book the shoot for your due date, don't worry if baby comes before or after this date, when it gets to around the time of the due date, I will be in contact with you. 


Can I bring baby's siblings?

Yes, but please contact me when booking to let me know siblings names and ages so I can prepare for them to be included. Please bring along a responsible adult who can take them out of the room (or to the park down the road!) as photoshoots can take a long time and they may become unsettled, which could unsettle baby. 


Do you have disabled access?

Yes, my studio is on the ground floor, and accessible to wheelchairs, however the bathroom facilities are upstairs, please bring someone with you who can assist you with getting up and down stairs if you have mobility issues. 


Do you do a bump to baby package?

Not at this moment, however I intend to offer these in the near future. If you really want a bump to baby package, please do get in touch though, and I will endeavour to meet your needs. 

What If baby is early?

Let me know as soon as baby arrives. We can schedule in a session. You can also reschedule your appointment online and move your shoot date to your liking, through the website.


what should i bring with me?

Everything you would need to look after baby if you were out of the house for 4 hours: changing bag, nappies, wipes, a dummy (optional), milk (bottle, boob or both), bibs or muslin cloths, a blanket baby is used to and a towel. 


Do you photograph children older than one years old?

Yes, I specialise in Newborn, Babies, Children’s and Family Portraiture in both Fine Art and Commercial styles. Please inform me of any extra children who will be attending the photoshoot so I can prepare the studio for their arrival.


Can my extended family come to the photoshoot?

Yes. However, only for the very start of the session for their portrait to be taken. Babies need to be really settled and in a calm environment to get into the deep sleep required for your photoshoot, so it is best keeping to as few people as possible. We are very close to Chorlton Park and several Cafe’s should family members wish to pop out after their photos have been taken but remain in the area.

What if my baby is over 14 days old?

I often photograph babies over 14 days old and sometimes we can achieve photos in early newborn poses, and other times I pull out a few tricks to get some beautiful photos. I photograph babies up to a year old, siblings and parents are also welcome to take part in the photoshoot.

What if I am over 20 weeks pregnant or have already had my baby?

You can still book your shoot. Even though I recommend to book in at 20 weeks, sometimes that isn't possible! I have had a lady come in who gave birth on the toiler without even knowing she was pregnant! I will always try my best to accommodate late bookings, though you may need to wait longer as I can get booked up quickly and have to prioritise clients who book way in advance. 


my baby has scratched their face in their sleep, should I rearrange the shoot?

No, as part of the post-processing, I can remove scratches, rashes, spots, flakes etc which is included for every image you purchase. 


What if i just want one photo?

It is brilliant that you know what portrait you really want to put in your house and where to display it, as we all know the one photo that brings all the family together, makes a house a home and creates a talking point for guests is very important. In this case, I will still provide a gallery of images for you to choose your favourite from to create your bespoke wall art with. All of our wall art is specially hand picked from the best bespoke photographic printers in the country. Our products are only available to purchase from the best professional photographers in the UK. Our current minimum spend for all full sessions is £399.

I can't afford to pay so much for photos, can't you lower your prices?

Unfortunately not, running a business is costly, and it takes a lot of time to prepare for a shoot, edit photos and invest in quality training to ensure baby is safe and that I am up to date with the latest photography trends, I also spend a lot of time on administration, website design and responding to messages. When you take into account the amount of work I do, my prices are actually very reasonable.

If you do need to spread the cost of payment, I do have weekly, four weekly and monthly payment plans available for you. 

Can I have the raw photos?

I get asked this a lot! Usually, photographers do not share their raw photos for a number of reasons: 

1. They are unedited, sometimes under or over exposed, and do not show the photographers complete ability to capture images. 

2. They are only half of an image: I go to great lengths to edit photos into the final images you see in my gallery. Straight out of the camera images are rarely if ever used or shared, unless it is to demonstrate how much work goes into an edit once you have left your photoshoot. 

3. Opening RAW files requires expensive professional software (I use Adobe Lightroom). You will not be able to open these files on a normal PC. 

If you would still like the RAW images, they are available for Package 3 buyers only at a discretional fee of £399 per image. Clients who purchase RAW Images also must sign a legal waiver, requiring the photographs to not be published or manipulated in any form, and must only be used for personal enjoyment.