New mums: why all we seem to talk about is poo!

I’m not quite sure how I became a walking poo quote machine, but with two kids under my tiger striped belt I can certainly say I have arrived!

Today I had a newborn photoshoot session with the adorable Calvin. Calvin is extra special to me, because his mum came for a maternity photoshoot with me too, we hit it off great and her images were stunning! (slightly off track but my stories are never linear!)

Calvin has most definitely inspired me to write this post, after poo-ing right down one of our beautiful Mii Estilo Bespoke Gowns. We saw the funny side of course, and poo washes right out

(MUM TIP: Washing Up Liquid or a plain bar or soap usually works…if not baking soda and vinegar…last resort: Vanish stain removal and hang outside for a sunshine bleach! )

So… I started thinking about how many times I talk to people about poo, and it turns out its quite a lot! See, when my firstborn (now 12) was a newborn she projectile pooped a minimum of 4 times a day. Once as an 18 month old: I put her down for a nap only for her to wake up, poo, not cry and decide to wipe it all over her face instead! (Spoiler alert: I may have shrieked when I discovered her!)

My second born gave me the opposite scare": she didn’t poo until she was 3 days old, and only poo’s every 3 days still to this day! Some days she has a poo marathon, they’re always fun (not!) and now she’s potty training she will only poo in her potty if she is promised a present! Joyful!

Is it normal that poo consumes a decent percentage of our brain functions when we become a new mother? I think so!

Think about it…your baby is born, if you had a vaginal delivery you never want to poo again! (Spoiler alert: you do and MUM TIP: Don’t poo in the Bidet’s, you will get told off by the hospital midwifes!) Roll on the ticking clock which is the wait for the meconium poo…that newborn black sticky tar poo…you can’t go home until your baby has pooped, as midwives like to check your baby has all the vital poo-ing capabilities to get them through their 25,200 pounds average of poo they do in their lifetimes .(don’t judge, I googled!) Then we worry about the consistency of poo, green and slimy, bright sunshine yellow, stinky, or sometimes not that bad (or maybe you have a cold, mamma!) Don’t get me started on weaning…the amount of times I worried about sweetcorn in my babies poo!

So what if publicly talking about poo makes me a bit weird…every parent does it!

Welcome to the poo club. :)