How to make the most out of your newborn photoshoot

This guide will help you prepare to get the most value out of your photoshoot, saving you money, time and energy and features tips that the industry professionals don't want you to know about! 

When you have a Newborn Baby, time is everything! 

Have a read of our quick tips to ensure that you make the most of your photoshoot, saving you precious time and money- it really is very simple! 


1. Know exactly what you want at the end of your photoshoot. 


This may sound odd, but when you are ordering a bespoke product like Photography, it is always best to have the end products in mind.

Really think about where you want to use your photos. Do you want a gallery canvas on your living room wall? Do you want a postcard sized print of just one photo? Do you want a USB of all images? 

Knowing the answer to these questions will help you to choose the best package for you from the get go, saving both yourself and your Photographer a lot of time and energy.

Some Photographers make a lot of money from clients that don't know what they actually want at the end of a photoshoot. You can avoid feeling 'done over' by really thinking about what you want your photos for, where you want to display them and how many albums and prints you may want for yourself and family members. 

You really want to avoid Photographers that aren't upfront about their final costs also, as you may find yourself footing a bill of thousands as you're reeled in using hard selling techniques and pulling on heart strings to get your hard earned cash! 


2. Remember that safety is the most important thing in newborn photography.

"Photographer A" down the road takes photographs for £50, she is “self trained’ (Read: hasn't done any safety training and could put your child’s safety at risk), and takes unflattering photos of your newborn child. She doesn't check your babies circulation whilst forcing them into a pose, and loses her rag at your crying baby."Photographer B" lives within a reasonable driving distance, has undertaken baby posing safety training, newborn first aid training and takes photographs of your child that look like a work of art. Their skin is colour corrected, and minor scratches or blemishes are digitally removed, they have a range of tasteful props, materials and poses to choose from and are patient, relaxed and help sooth your child. 

Choose Photographer B every time. Babies are fragile and vulnerable, it has not been unheard of for newborns to be fatally injured by "Photographer A".  

Choosing Photographer B is an investment worth taking, if you're struggling with funds, we offer payment plans and mini sessions . 


3. The best photos are always when your baby is most settled and comfortable. 


Babies are best posed when they are in a deep sleep which replicates being in the womb. We always keep the studio above 26 degrees, and play soothing white noise to mimic the loud noises experienced as a foetus. We recommend that babies have their last feed 30 minutes before attending the shoot, then have a top up on arrival to maximise the chances of baby being lulled into a deep sleep.

We have a set pose workflow that we try to stick to, to make the most of your babies beautiful features. However, sometimes, babies don't like being in certain poses, which is fine! We will never force your baby into a pose, and we will always look for alternatives to settle baby to achieve the best from your shoot. 

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