Money...why does it make us Mum's worry so much?


Mama’s all worry about money, we know because we’ve asked! Sometimes it is so easy to get caught up in the Christmas rush that all of a sudden-whoosh! All of your money has slipped out of your bank account and landed right in the supermarkets pockets! It’s so easily done!

The constant pressure to have an instagram ready house, beautifully freshly cooked meals, designer or fashionable clothes for our babies, good eyebrows, nice hair, a made up face, the perfect family…it is overwhelming- and it all comes down to money!

Recently, my husband observed his friend taking THIRTY MINUTES to set up the perfect photo of his plate of food, just to post on instagram! 30 minutes!

When you see a post on instagram or facebook, just have a think for a second . about how long someone took to set it up. Is that time you really want to be spending-pretending your life is like something out of a Dr Seuss film? (I will always quote kids films, because i’ve realised i’m now in that uncool place that mums go- where they think everyone knows all the words to The Cat in the Hat because they watched it 30 times in the last week with their toddler!)

I have made a new years resolution this year to stop buying things to please people. I won’t stop buying gifts for other people, no…i’m going to stop buying things that I don’t really care about to show off to people who don’t really care about whether I have a poached egg on my avocado toast placed beautifully on a dainty plate or a wooden paddle of some description.

I am, however, going to start saving my money, so I can spend meaningful time with my family and capture those memories with my favourite photographers. It is the one thing I can be certain that I will look back on and smile. When i’m old, photographs of my children will be all the memories I have left. This genuinely makes me cry. One day, photographs of myself are all that they will have left of me. I can’t even.

So mama, stop worrying about money, it comes and goes. You don’t need to prove to anyone how amazing your life is, please just live it, and don’t forget to be in the photos. You won’t ever regret getting your photos taken, but you will regret getting that edgy celebrity haircut or losing 30 minutes of your time to taking a photo of your food in the future.