Twins glorious twins!

newborn twins photo Manchester

These beautiful little ladies recently came in for a newborn photo session, and boy was it eventful!

Mums of twins always hope they will sleep together at the same time, to get the rest they desperately when they don't.. you wouldn't be expected to be anything other than a Mom-bie! (sorry guys!) 

Mum and dad were actually amazing though, and didn't fall asleep during our session! We whizzed through the session as quickly as we could (so they could get home and SLEEP!) and then I whipped up the above delightful image with a Digital Art Backdrop by Luisa Dunn. The great thing is, we could have had a bad session and still got this beautiful photo for the family to look back on for generations. If you've got a crier-i've got your back! 

One day a mama bird put her babies in her nest, so she could lie down and rest!

I'm on a rhyming win today!