Being a special needs Mama- the good, the bad and how I've grown with it...

I've always loved children, and yes, I had my first daughter when I was very young. She was such a beautiful, content baby, always smiling and at a huge 9lb11oz very healthy.

There was absolutely no reason in my mind to think that she was anything other than a perfect baby girl, which she was... but we got to 6 months and she still couldn't hold her head up...

At this point I was in denial, and just hoping she would be ok, carrying on the day to day grind of breastfeeding, nappy changes, dealing with projectile poos-the fun stuff!

My girl did eventually hold up her head, and eventually met milestones we weren't certain she would ever two she was running up and down everywhere being the Hurricaine Hope we know and love today.

Some things were different though, enough for me to consider that her toddler tantrums were in fact more than that. 

Seeing your child not match up with their peers breaks a mothers heart, but I kept strong, knowing whatever happened, she was my girl and I would do the best I could to give her the best life that she truly deserves. 

When my girl was 8 she finally got part of a diagnosis: Autism. Now I have an older brother with Autism so I knew the strategies, but many didn't work. I have since discovered Pathological Demand Avoidance parenting techniques and honestly, I wish I had them when she was two. 

We have gone from a child who didn't want to go to school, to seeing her perform at Sale Waterside Theatre in a musical this week. I cried. Buckets! 

I never ever thought in a million years I would have a child with special needs, but honestly now, I could never imagine my life without her.

To the Mama's out there whose child hasn't met that milestone yet, there is hope! You can get through the hard days, and believe me, your child will make you proud.