Why people choose to invest in a professional newborn photographer.

I’ve been so lucky to never really have negative comments about my work, its a difficult business to crack- newborn photography and I’ve worked so very hard to grow this business because I never got professional photographs taken of my first born child, and the facebook account I kept all her baby photos stored on… I got locked out of it! No baby photos for me. Enter life of Mummy Guilt!

Today, someone commented on one of my beautifully crafted newborn images: “Take them yourself and save the money”. Yes, you could take the photos of your baby yourself…which i’m sure anyone who’s had a baby ever has done…but they all still come for professional photos of their babies, well most…and the one’s that come when their children are older always tell me they regret not having them done.

So WHY do expecting parents, new mums and new dads come to me for newborn photographs?

  1. They are exhausted. Growing a baby is hard work! Giving birth to a baby is painful. Recovering from a caesarean is not a walk in the park. When you’ve been through so much to get to the point of having a baby, would you really want to spend hours planning a photoshoot, purchasing the props, the fabrics, the outfits, the lighting, the DSLR and lenses? Wait…that sounds expensive!

  2. New Parents realise getting everything that is required to take a photo close to that of a newborn photographer is going to cost FAR MORE than just paying one to do it for you. They don’t need to overrun a whole room in their house with cute little baby hats,,flokatis, huge lights and softboxes, beanbags, stands, buckets, nests, crates, boxes and beds. They let their photographer do that. It really is a no brainer.

  3. Taking professional photographs to an award winning quality is HARD! It takes years of research, tens of thousands of pounds spent on training, thousands of pounds spent on props, tens of thousands of pounds spent on camera equipment, thousands on computer and editing equipment, and unlimited hours on learning how to use it, how to figure out your style, how to even take photos that have the right exposure and have the correct focus points. Is that all really worth it to take them yourself?

  4. Newborn photographers don’t even photograph their own newborns! Babies smell their mum and cry…for hours, much more than if you were coming to another photographer who can let you sit back and relax while they get things done for you.

  5. Parents aren’t safe posing trained. This is the most important reason. Babies are so fragile that if their head is in the wrong position they can stop breathing and die, they can lose circulation easily and end up with blood clots or lose limbs. Its scary but its true. Why would you risk it? Professional Newborn Photographers are SAFE POSING TRAINED: This means that your child is in the safest hands, the photographer can handle your baby and pose them into all of the fancy positions without risking your babies safety.

So the lesson really is…you can take photographs of your baby, I encourage it-take as many as you can, they grow up too fast, but please don’t try to recreate a professional newborn photographers work, just go to your favourite one. You’ll love it, I promise!

Baby & Me Photography x