5 things ALL parents need to know  before booking a newborn photoshoot.

Keeping your newborn safe is our top priority.

1. Always make sure your photographer has completed safe posing training. 


Shockingly, anyone can claim to be a newborn photographer without training which could be very dangerous! 
It might sound impressive when a photographer claims to be self taught- however they will have missed crucial training which effects the health and safety of your baby. 

Photographers who have completed the necessary safe baby posing training will display this on their websites. 

At Hannah Price Photography, I have completed The Guild of Photographer's NewbornPhotography School and access ongoing training and mentorship with Training by Claire. 

2. Does the photographer have good lighting skills? 

Lighting can make or break a photograph. Notice where the light reflections are in eyes- they should be in the top corners like the image above. Shadows going up and over the nose are also a big no-no as this will leave you with photos that don't look like your baby. 

3. What are people saying about the photographer? 

Screen Shot 2018-10-19 at 13.00.31.png
Screen Shot 2018-10-19 at 12.59.50.png

Reviews matter! You can see a photographers work for yourself, and read about whatever they would like to say about their work, but nothing will tell you more about how your photoshoot will go than the reviews of people who have used their service. 

4. Style 


There are lots of different styles of newborn photographers, some are prop orientated: big plant pots and hot air balloons are their thing, some like to take candid photographs, some take a studio only approach. 

I like to keep the baby as the central focus in my images, with a timeless approach. 

5. Book as early as you can after the 20 week scan. 


Don't leave it until last minute when baby has just been born to book your newborn photoshoot: you will be busy enough tending to your little bundle! 

Newborn photoshoot sessions book up quickly, and slots are limited due to the time they take. To make sure you get the session you deserve, book before baby is born.

If baby brain does get the better of you and you do forget, give me a call,  I do try my best to not turn people away- but no promises!