Why you should choose local businesses over chain stores.

I run a local photography business, I work from home and fit it around looking after my two children. I live down the road from you, I spend my money in local businesses, and this is why you should too! 

So many companies now are run to make a profit over making sure that their customers and workers are happy and well looked after. They pay their staff minimum wage, which is not the living wage, the hours are not flexible, which means that their workers children get the brunt end of the deal, and everything is made to shift as many units as possible, meaning that the quality of services that you receive are not of a high standard. 

When you book a local business, you are not lining the pockets of a big corporation, you are paying towards a local persons rent or mortgage or utility bills, you are putting food in their children's bellies and sending them on their first summer holiday, you are putting towards someone's pension, you are giving the owner of a local business a better future.

Booking with a local business ensures that you will receive a customised service, your needs will be met tenfold, and the quality of your product will be higher as there is love from every bone in that businesses body poured into making you the best thing they possibly can, like their life depends on it...because it does! 

So next time you're thinking of popping down to Max Spielmann or a big studio that had 5+ employees, think of the little guy, and give them a shot. I promise, you won't regret it!