Autism Friendly Photoshoot Sessions

Here's something not all of you may know about me: I have extensive training in Autism and special needs.

My 11 year old daughter has a diagnosis of multiple special needs including ASD, and over the years I have undertaken so many classes, workshops, meetings and read so very much research-not to mention the hands on experience of caring for a child living with autism.

So I've thought, why not introduce it into my work?

Its so very hard to capture a photograph of a child living with ASD. I have hands on experience of this myself, and now I actually have to pay my daughter to pose for photos. (Who said bribing wasn't allowed?!) At least she is becoming enterprising like her mama! 

From August, I am going to be offering Autism Friendly Photoshoots. 

The sessions will be very straight forward. Before you attend, you will receive a social story to read through with your child, showing them photos of where they are going, who will be there, what the studio looks like and exactly what will happen in very simple and easy to understand language, with lots of visual aids. 

The room will be cleared with all distracting and wonderful props boxed up so there is just the necessities for the shoot. 

Your child is encouraged to bring their favourite thing, be that a squishy toy, a train, a massive teddy, a blanket or cardboard box. I'll have a tub of sensory toys on hand if needed and we also have a trampoline just outside of the studio if some proprioceptive is needed to help calm them. 

The lighting will be continuous, as to not startle them with flash, and there will be calming and soothing music played in the background (though not loud), with the option for their favourite music to be played.

Sessions will run on a morning for an hour, with extra time allotted if needed. We also have the option to photograph outdoors, if you feel this would be more calming for your child. 

The age limit for these sessions is 18 years old.  

You can schedule and purchase your session here: