Twins glorious twins!

These beautiful little ladies recently came in for a newborn photo session, and boy was it eventful!

Mums of twins always hope they will sleep together at the same time, to get the rest they desperately when they don't.. you wouldn't be expected to be anything other than a Mom-bie! (sorry guys!) 

Mum and dad were actually amazing though, and didn't fall asleep during our session!

Being a special needs Mama- the good, the bad and how I've grown with it...

I've always loved children, and yes, I had my first daughter when I was very young. She was such a beautiful, content baby, always smiling and at a huge 9lb11oz very healthy.

There was absolutely no reason in my mind to think that she was anything other than a perfect baby girl, which she was... but we got to 6 months and she still couldn't hold her head up...

At this point I was in denial, and just hoping she would be ok, carrying on the day to day grind of breastfeeding, nappy changes, dealing with projectile poos-the fun stuff!

My girl did eventually hold up her head, and eventually met milestones we weren't certain she would ever two she was running up and down everywhere being the Hurricaine Hope we know and love today.

Some things were different though, enough for me to consider that her toddler tantrums were in fact more than that. 

Seeing your child not match up with their peers breaks a mothers heart, but I kept strong, knowing whatever happened, she was my girl and I would do the best I could to give her the best life that she truly deserves. 

When my girl was 8 she finally got part of a diagnosis: Autism. Now I have an older brother with Autism so I knew the strategies, but many didn't work. I have since discovered Pathological Demand Avoidance parenting techniques and honestly, I wish I had them when she was two. 

We have gone from a child who didn't want to go to school, to seeing her perform at Sale Waterside Theatre in a musical this week. I cried. Buckets! 

I never ever thought in a million years I would have a child with special needs, but honestly now, I could never imagine my life without her.

To the Mama's out there whose child hasn't met that milestone yet, there is hope! You can get through the hard days, and believe me, your child will make you proud. 




Award Winning Portrait!

Today I received a prestigious Bronze award from the Guild of Photographers after entering the Image of the Month Competition these are only  awarded to images of a strong standard in what is a national competition! 

Also, in other news, my work has been featured on LensCulture's website for the Portrait Awards 2018, which also clicks through to my gallery submission. I am very excited about this, with their website receiving 2.8 million views- and I am already being contacted about my photography from there! 

I will be uploading new content to the website over the next few weeks. A lot has been happening behind the scenes and there are some big changes coming to my services too, so keep your eyes peeled!! 

On a last note, I have a couple of Mummy & Me session slots available before Mothers Day, so Pop me an email on to book your space! 



Why you should choose local businesses over chain stores.

I run a local photography business, I work from home and fit it around looking after my two children. I live down the road from you, I spend my money in local businesses, and this is why you should too! 

So many companies now are run to make a profit over making sure that their customers and workers are happy and well looked after. They pay their staff minimum wage, which is not the living wage, the hours are not flexible, which means that their workers children get the brunt end of the deal, and everything is made to shift as many units as possible, meaning that the quality of services that you receive are not of a high standard. 

When you book a local business, you are not lining the pockets of a big corporation, you are paying towards a local persons rent or mortgage or utility bills, you are putting food in their children's bellies and sending them on their first summer holiday, you are putting towards someone's pension, you are giving the owner of a local business a better future.

Booking with a local business ensures that you will receive a customised service, your needs will be met tenfold, and the quality of your product will be higher as there is love from every bone in that businesses body poured into making you the best thing they possibly can, like their life depends on it...because it does! 

So next time you're thinking of popping down to Max Spielmann or a big studio that had 5+ employees, think of the little guy, and give them a shot. I promise, you won't regret it! 

Autism Friendly Photoshoot Sessions

Here's something not all of you may know about me: I have extensive training in Autism and special needs.

My 11 year old daughter has a diagnosis of multiple special needs including ASD, and over the years I have undertaken so many classes, workshops, meetings and read so very much research-not to mention the hands on experience of caring for a child living with autism.

So I've thought, why not introduce it into my work?

Its so very hard to capture a photograph of a child living with ASD. I have hands on experience of this myself, and now I actually have to pay my daughter to pose for photos. (Who said bribing wasn't allowed?!) At least she is becoming enterprising like her mama! 

From August, I am going to be offering Autism Friendly Photoshoots. 

The sessions will be very straight forward. Before you attend, you will receive a social story to read through with your child, showing them photos of where they are going, who will be there, what the studio looks like and exactly what will happen in very simple and easy to understand language, with lots of visual aids. 

The room will be cleared with all distracting and wonderful props boxed up so there is just the necessities for the shoot. 

Your child is encouraged to bring their favourite thing, be that a squishy toy, a train, a massive teddy, a blanket or cardboard box. I'll have a tub of sensory toys on hand if needed and we also have a trampoline just outside of the studio if some proprioceptive is needed to help calm them. 

The lighting will be continuous, as to not startle them with flash, and there will be calming and soothing music played in the background (though not loud), with the option for their favourite music to be played.

Sessions will run on a morning for an hour, with extra time allotted if needed. We also have the option to photograph outdoors, if you feel this would be more calming for your child. 

The age limit for these sessions is 18 years old.  

You can schedule and purchase your session here: 




Bump to Baby Packages!

I was recently asked if I provide Bump to Baby Packages, and oh yes I most certainly do!!
Here is the low-down:
Its £200 for three sessions- Maternity (taken between 2-4 weeks before you're due, then a newborn session taken when baby is between 4 and 14 days old (but can go up to 6 weeks if they are in NICU), then a photoshoot when they are one years old. 

You also have the option to add in a fresh 48 session in the hospital or a 6 month sitters session for an extra £50 each when bought together. If you would like to book all five shoots: Maternity, Fresh 48, Newborn, 6 Month Sitters and 1 Year old its a total of £300 (if booked separately its £600). 

You also have the option to do a monthly mini shoot, to map the total progress of Bump to Baby. This Costs £500 and I will add in some extra time for the newborn sessions to make sure you get some lovely squishy posed shots on the beanbag that parents love so much. 

You can book either options by these links:  Bump to Baby 3 Photoshoots:

Bump to Baby 4 Photoshoots:

Bump to Baby 5 Photoshoots:

Monthly Bump to Baby Package:

I do take instalments for the Bump to Baby 5 Photoshoots Package and Monthly Bump to Baby Package, which may be a good option for if you've got some time to go yet before you would be having your first shoot. If you would like to pay via instalments please let me know and I will set a package up to best suit you. 

Included in all photoshoots you get your favourite 3 photos free, and you can add on extra prints and digitals for a little extra. 

Again, You can book all options by these links: 

Bump to Baby 3 Photoshoots:

Bump to Baby 4 Photoshoots:

Bump to Baby 5 Photoshoots:

Monthly Bump to Baby Package:

Big love & baby squishes!

Hannah x

3 Simple Steps To Make The Most From Your Newborn Photoshoot.

This guide will help you prepare to get the most value out of your photoshoot, saving you money, time and energy and features tips that the industry professionals don't want you to know about! 

When you have a Newborn Baby, time is everything! 
Have a read of our quick tips to ensure that you make the most of your photoshoot, saving you precious time and money- it really is very simple! 

Let's Get Started

1. Know exactly what you want at the end of your photoshoot. 


This may sound odd, but when you are ordering a bespoke product like Photography, it is always best to have the end products in mind.

Really think about where you want to use your photos. Do you want a gallery canvas on your living room wall? Do you want a postcard sized print of just one photo? Do you want a USB of all images? 

Knowing the answer to these questions will help you to choose the best package for you from the get go, saving both yourself and your Photographer a lot of time and energy.

Some Photographers make a lot of money from clients that don't know what they actually want at the end of a photoshoot. You can avoid feeling 'done over' by really thinking about what you want your photos for, where you want to display them and how many albums and prints you may want for yourself and family members. 

You really want to avoid Photographers that aren't upfront about their final costs also, as you may find yourself footing a bill of thousands as you're reeled in using hard selling techniques and pulling on heart strings to get your hard earned cash! 


2. Remember that safety is the most important thing in newborn photography.

"Photographer A" down the road takes photographs for £50, she hasn't done any safety training, and takes unflattering photos of your newborn child. She doesn't check your babies circulation whilst forcing them into a pose, and loses her rag at your crying baby."Photographer B" lives within a reasonable driving distance, has undertaken baby posing safety training, newborn first aid training and takes photographs of your child that look like a work of art. Their skin is colour corrected, and minor scratches or blemishes are digitally removed, they have a range of tasteful props, materials and poses to choose from and are patient, relaxed and help sooth your child. 

Choose Photographer B every time. Babies are fragile and vulnerable, it has not been unheard of for newborns to be fatally injured by "Photographer A".  

Choosing Photographer B is an investment worth taking, if you're struggling with funds, we also offer payment plans. 


3. The best photos are always when your baby is most settled and comfortable. 


Babies are best posed when they are in a deep sleep which replicates being in the womb. We always keep the studio above 26 degrees, and play soothing white noise to mimic the loud noises experienced as a foetus. We recommend that babies have their last feed 30 minutes before attending the shoot, then have a top up on arrival to maximise the chances of baby being lulled into a deep sleep.

We have a set pose workflow that we try to stick to, to make the most of your babies beautiful features. However, sometimes, babies don't like being in certain poses, which is fine! We will never force your baby into a pose, and we will always look for alternatives to settle baby to achieve the best from your shoot. 


5 Simple Steps to Prepare For Your Newborn Photoshoot

1. Book in as soon as you can after your 20 week scan. 

It may seem like a long way off, but Newborn Photographers in Manchester get very busy and booked up very fast. The last thing you'll want to be doing when you're sleep deprived and knee deep in nappies is to be calling round photographers seeing who can fit you in! You may have to wait weeks until you can be fit in, and you won't be able to take advantage of our payment plans. 

2. When baby is here, try to get them used to being put down for short periods of time. 

Babies are incredibly hard to put down (I even ended up co-sleeping with my two!) The only issue is, babies that aren't regularly put down, can be harder to settle (though Hannah is quite the whizz at getting a crying baby off to sleep). 

3. Oil baby the day before the photoshoot.

It sounds weird, but babies often have flaky skin when they are a few days old. We recommend giving them a massage with rapeseed oil, coconut oil or olive oil. The result- a super soft baby withe fewer flakes!

4. Feed baby half an hour before the photoshoot.

To make sure baby is super sleepy so we get the best poses for your photos, feed them half an hour before the shoot then top them up when you arrive. Doing this should ensure we can get started as soon as you arrive, so you make the most of your time. 

5. Put baby in Loose Clothing. 

The last thing you want is your photos ruined by strange clothing marks on babies skin. The most frequent issues are with babies wearing socks and babies having their nappies too tight.