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Creating beautiful images that last a lifetime.

Need something affordable and flexible? Pay in monthly instalments from your 20 week scan and and make sure you are a priority booking! 

Unsure what colour theme to go with? I can schedule your booking in session at your home, so we can see where your images will be displayed, giving you tailor made images that compliment the decor in your house!


Worried about baby's safety on a photoshoot?

I am expertly trained to safely handle and pose newborns to ensure that they are comfortable and well looked after before, during and after your photoshoot. 

Newborns can be fragile, and I understand that you might be worried about how we get them into such complex looking poses.

Any pose that looks unsafe is done by strategical editing, a skill I have mastered to make sure that your baby is never at risk of harm during a photoshoot.

I invest in regular training with the award winning Newborn Photography School in partnership with the Guild of Photographers to ensure I am up to date with safe posing, industry standard photography and a safe homely environment perfect for your baby's first photoshoot experience. 


"I would recommend Hannah to anybody who wants a friendly and professional photographer to capture your newborns first days of life. My son's safety and wellbeing were her 1st priority and I can't emphasise this enough. The whole session was completely baby led and we as parents felt comfortable with her knowledge and expertise of handling and posing our four day old son." -Nicholetta, Mother of Zachariah (pictured above)
"Such beautiful pictures taken by the lovely Hannah on Jasmine's cake smash day.. I recommend Hannah to anyone who is wanting to do cake smash, new born and any photography in general. love her and her work and you'd be crazy not to give it a go!" -Zara, Mother of Jasmine
"Hannah took some pictures of our daughter Tabitha. We had a lovely afternoon, Hannah accommodated our needs wonderfully and we are absolutely in love with the results." - Sarah, Mother of Tabitha
"She's Brilliant, it's not always easy working with babies and she does an amazing job!" -Catherine, Aunty of Logan
"I had a lovely afternoon with Hannah and would happily recommend her to everyone! I can't wait to see more of the beautiful and funny photos she managed to capture!" -Mel, Mother of Elias
"Hannah has everything you would need from a Newborn Photographer. She is very caring, polite, friendly, fun and focused on delivering spectacular images of your newborn. As a bonus - she has a fantastic eye for creativity and delivers brilliant results. She is GUILD registered, is fully trained with handling newborns and knows her first aid very well. She is also the mother to 2 bright, happy children who are really well looked after and are testament to Hannah's ability with young infants. Highly recommended!" -VideoInk Limited
"Amazing skills, beautiful pictures, if you choose Hannah you won't be disappointed"- Alex, Father of George

Your Local Newborn, Baby and Children's Photographer:

Hannah Price

Creative and Business Director, Photographer. 

Ensuring you and your baby have the best photoshoot experience possible. 


Newborn Photography School- Newborn Baby Posing Limited
Business and Safety Training

Claire Elliot- Claire Photography Training
Newborn Photography Training & Mentor

Pulpo & Peach
Prop and accessory Sponsor

Oliver Price- Video Ink Founding Director & Videographer
Marketing and Business Development Mentor